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Greek Watermelon Salad

A wonderful, unusual, and YUMMY salad to use up whatever you have in the fridge.

The Greek Watermelon Salad is SOOO tasty and our version is way healthier. We use Pariva Yogurt Bites instead of Feta (which is so high in sodium and fats) The left over marinade oils can be used instead of making the vinagerette.

This is truly a whatever-I-have-in-the-fridge type mix.


- 1 Jar of Za'atar Pariva Yogurt Bites - Watermelon, cubed - Cucumber, cubed - Cherry tomatoes, sliced in half (or regular tomatoes, cubed)

- Half a red oinion, finely chopped - Red Pepper, chopped in bite size pieces

- Whole Olives - Grapes - Salt to taste

- Mint Leaves for garnish

Toss all in a bowl, using the Za'atar oil as the Salad Dressing, and DONE! The Za'atar adds a wonderful taste but doesn't overwhelm.

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