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A Healthy "Butter" Board

Butter Boards have been all over social media and they look so good. But I just can't imagine eating all that butter. Here is a more delicious, super low calorie, probiotic, MUCH healthier version.


1 Jar of Pariva Bites (I used the Za'atar flavor, but you can use any)

Some Baby Carrots


Pitted Kalamata Olives


Rosemary Leaves

Crackers and or pretzels

Edible flowers (optional)

This is another one of my "whatever I have in the fridge." recipes. You can use any topping or accompaniment you like.

Separate the yogurt bites from the marinate in the jar. I use a small sieve, but you could just as easily spoon them out.

Make a pattern with the balls on the board you wish to serve on and with the back of a spoon, flatten them on the board.

Sprinkle the top with the marinade oil and spices.

You can now top with a sprinkle of anything you have on hand - Rosemary leaves, Thyme leaves, olives, capers. For the festive season, I add an extra touch of edible flowers, but it is not at all necessary.

On the outer edge, again use what you have - baby carrots, celery sticks, crackers, pretzels - anything to help scoop the yogurt. I bet some fruit slices like apples or pears, or a dollop of jalapeno jam, would be amazing as well!

If you have any oils left, serve it in a decorative boil with some sliced Bequette as an Oil Dip.

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