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Discover Pariva's Addictively Delicious Yogurt Bites at Whole Foods Market

Discover Pariva's Addictively Delicious Yogurt Bites at Whole Foods Market

We are proud to share that Pariva, your favorite maker of delicate, creamy, smooth yogurt bites, is now available in Whole Foods Markets across New England. Our one-of-a-kind, exotic flavors are now more accessible, bringing the joy of artisan snacks and a fresh approach to healthy eating to your local community.

Exceptional Artisan Quality Snacks

At Pariva, our commitment is all about creating the finest yogurt bites. Every bite is a testament to our use of high-quality ingredients, including a special blend of probiotics, heart-healthy olive oil, and gut-friendly avocado. Our focus on natural ingredients distinguishes us from other snack brands that use chemicals and preservatives.

Promoting Health with Probiotic-Rich Goodness

At Pariva, we look beyond simply creating yogurt in oil; for us, it's about crafting a hearty, specialty cheese that has taken years of experimentation to master to perfection. We are passionate about offering food that tastes addictively delicious while promoting your overall health and wellness. Our yogurt bites come in various flavors that offer a delightful snacking experience while improving your gut health. Pariva provides a tasty and healthy treat you can enjoy without any guilt!


Our Recognition and Commitment to the Community

Our dedication to our craft has been acknowledged by renowned publications like The New York Times and The Boston Globe, celebrating our initiative of reinventing snacking with our health-centric, innovative products. Beyond just being a food company, we're also deeply committed to the community. We believe in providing opportunities for citizens needing a second chance, empowering them to grow and prosper.

Explore the Pariva difference for yourself. Visit your local New England Whole Foods Market today and indulge in the addictively delicious taste of Pariva!

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